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Ambition Life Company

Get It. Live It

Ambition Life Co. is not just a clothing brand but a lifestyle. We believe that you are what you wear... If that be the case then why not live out your "Ambition"? This line was dedicated to enhance the mind to THINK BIG! The slogan we live by is "Get It. Live It", understanding that there is nothing too hard if you allow your ambition to be your motivating force. Nirrasha through Ambition is here to wake up the world one t-shirt, one button, one quote, one dream at a time. She believes the saying "the only thing that comes to a sleeper is a dream..." Her desire is to inspire the dreamer to not only dream but to live out their Ambitions! Nirrasha is simply ambition: the ascertaining of ones dreams and aspirations- living them out to the fullest. Nirrasha says,  "You have to start somewhere if you are going to end anywhere!"

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Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina, United States
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